Thank you for interesting in our product and the application for this year has been closed on 24th May.
Please be in anticipation for our new product announcement next year.

Credit card payments will be accepted from May 2023.

Delivery of the watch

You can choose between the following two methods.

1. Delivery

For customers residing in Japan, delivery is made by Sagawa Express. We will cover the costs of packaging, shipping, insurance, etc.

For customers living outside Japan, we will deliver using Fedex.
50,000 yen (excluding tax / including shipping, packing and insurance)

2. Handover at our office

You can pick up your watch at our offices in Tokyo Ningyocho, Chuo-ku.

  • Please be sure to make an appointment in advance. If you visit our office without an appointment, we will not be able to assist you.
  • Customers residing in countries other than Japan must bring their passport if they wish to be duty free.
  • Watches manufactured in 2023 will be available for pick-up until the end of February 2024. We will not be able to store your watch beyond this deadline.

If you are unable to pick up your watch within the time limit, we will send it to you by Fedex if you live outside Japan. Failure to pay the Fedex fee within the deadline will result in the order being automatically cancelled.




Please fill in the application form to apply.


Order confirmation

We will contact you by email in early June to let you know whether we can accept your order for the watch you have requested. Regrettably, we will also inform you by email if we are unable to accept your watch order.



If your application is accepted, we require a deposit of 50% of the purchase price within 7 days to confirm your order. We also accept full payment and if shipping costs are applicable, please make a payment at the same time. Two payment methods are available: credit card and bank transfer.
If we do not hear from you and receive the deposit within 7 days, your application will be cancelled.


Payment of the balance

We will contact you by email when the watch you have ordered is nearing completion. Please pay the remaining balance in the same way as deposit. Fedex shipping costs and packing costs (50 000 JPY) will be added for customers outside Japan.


Delivery schedule

Delivery dates vary depending on the model, but are generally expected to be between October 2023 and February 2024.
If you would like to pick up your piece at our office / atelier in Tokyo, we will keep it until during February 2024.