The NH TYPE 1C is the latest iteration of the TYPE 1 series, the first model announced by NAOYA HIDA & Co. The intention was to give it a contemporary flavour by converting the condensed designs of vintage 1930s watches to a 37mm size. At the same time, by combining the most advanced ultra-high precision micro-fabrication machining with the work of skilled craftsmen, we are in pursuit of unparalleled three-dimensional effects, visible in details on the dial and hands. The TYPE 1 series is made for watch lovers who look forward to winding the hand-wound movement mainspring every day.



The NH TYPE 2B is the second model announced in the TYPE 2 series. Compared to the TYPE 1 series, it has a considerably more modern feel, based on the designs of the 1960s timepieces. It is equipped with a hand-wound center second movement - a rare feature in these times. Main characteristics of the TYPE 2 series are; the three-dimensional mortar form of the dial, achieved through carving with an ultra-high precision micro-fabrication machine; hands which are nearly three times as thick as on a normal watch, and the Arabic index, hand-carved by a skilled craftsman. With the newly designed crown - which is different from the TYPE1 series - you can enjoy the winding feeling of the mainspring.



The NH TYPE 3A is the third model announced by NAOYA HIDA & Co., and is the first watch to include a display function other than hours, minutes and seconds. The comparatively small 37mm case was created with the aim of condensing details reminiscent of 18th century pocket watches. The enlarged moon phase disc at 6 o'clock is made of 18k yellow gold. The stars and the face on the surface of the moon - visible through the large hollowed window - and the 11 Roman indexes are all hand-carved by a skilled craftsman.
These details, rarely seen in this day and age, are housed in a rounded case featuring a newly designed, slightly thicker bezel.