Under the belief that it is an important societal responsibility of us to appropriately protect and handle personal information of our customers, clients, stockholders and all other persons concerned who are involved in our business activities, NH WATCH Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “We” or “we”), hereby establish this NH WATCH Co., Ltd. Privacy Policy, as follows:

  1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
    We shall comply with laws and regulations, etc. on protection and handling of personal information and make efforts to thoroughly protect and manage all of personal information we acquire and use.

  2. Handling of Personal Information
    We shall, identifying the purpose of use in advance, acquire personal information in a lawful and fair manner and shall refrain from using it for other purpose. In providing any received personal data to a third party, we shall follow the provisions of laws and regulations.

  3. Management of Personal Data and Security Measures
    We shall manage appropriately and carefully, take necessary and reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorized access to, and loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of, and thereby protect, any personal data under our possession.

  4. Respect of Principal’s Rights
    We shall respect Principal’s Rights on personal information, and if a Principal requests us to disclose, correct, discontinue to use, or delete any personal data under our possession, then we shall respond to it in good faith in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations.

  5. International Transfer of Personal Data
    If we have to internationally transfer any acquired personal data to a third country, we shall take appropriate protection measures necessary for international data transfer.